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Dr Simon Meagher
Dr Paul Brooks
Assoc Prof. Fabricio Costa
Maria Maxfield
Nikki White

Fetal Cardiac Symposium

Saturday 12th November to Sunday 13th November 2016


Join Dr Simon Meagher and his team at Monash Ultrasound for Women for a 2-day dynamic interactive workshop in Obstetric ultrasound. Over 1000 video clips of fetal cardiac malformation will address the basic and advanced approaches to the sonographic diagnosis of major and minor fetal cardiac malformation.

Specific emphasis will be placed on first trimester diagnosis of cardiac malformation, emerging technologies including functional assessment of the fetal heart and 4D volume STIC analysis across all trimesters.

Lectures will be delivered in an interactive format. Audience participation is voluntary and all open contributions or comments are welcomed over the 2 day workshop. Each lecture commences with a series of questions which are also available on line prior to commencement of the workshop. Answers will be provided systematically as lectures cover key aspects of fetal cardiac diagnosis.


Each lecture will be accompanied by live drawing and schematic sketches outlying key features which will aid attendees to construct a knowledge set of the ~40 salient cardiac anomaly sequences

Following a systematic overview of the 40 anomaly sequences, test cases will be presented.



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