Course Objectives

Join Dr Simon Meagher and colleagues for a 2-day dynamic interactive workshop addressing screening and diagnosis of first trimester fetal malfomation, free fetal DNA analysis, carrier screening and new age genetics.

During the 2 days over 1000 video clip sequences of fetal brain and face malformation will be presented in an interactive format. The lecture series will be delivered by experts in the field of both fetal ultrasound and MRI imaging coupled with up to date developments in genetics and paediatric investigations and management.

The course will address:

•     the step-by-step approach to imaging the normal fetal brain during the first second and third trimesters during three live scanning sessions

•     take an in-depth look at the international guidelines in clinical practice for the sonographic assessment of the normal fetal brain during the 11–14 weeks scan and at the mid trimester examination

•     the role of transvaginal assessment of the fetal brain across all trimesters

•     the basic and advanced approaches to sonographic diagnosis of minor and major fetal brain and face malformation

•     provide a practical guide to the use of high frequency transducers and 3D multiplanar evaluation for the fetal brain across trimesters

•     build a knowledge set of the common and rare anomaly sequences which can be identified across each trimester

•     provide guidelines on how to implement screening strategies for both the basic and extended fetal neurosonogram

•     the paediatric neurological perspective on counselling of patients with respect to neurological outcomes in common and rare fetal brain malformations

•     discuss the role of non-invasive prenatal screening and molecular karyotype analysis

•     provide interactive learning supported by ipad drawings 3D graphics and live scanning sessions


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