CNS biometry          

Fetal growth and doppler calculators


Fetal Medicine Barcelona:



Fetal neurology charts

Means and standard deviations of the head circumference: circumference - Chervenak 1992.htm

Nomogram for evaluation of the lateral ventricle:

Mean width and SD of the cavum septi pellucidi at various gestational ages:

Diameter of the lateral ventricular atrium:

Biometry of the corpus callosum:

Transverse cerebellar diameter:

Vermis size:

Tegmento-vermian angle:




Spina bifida:

IT (Chaoui 2009) -

IT (Solt 2011) -

AoS (Finn 2011) -

Cisterna magna:

Brain fissures:

Ventriculomegaly and Down syndrome:

Soft markers calculator:


3rd ventricle:



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