Guidelines : Which guidelines when?


The first Trimester Scan : How we do it : Tips Tricks and traps
09:30 Overview First trimester Fetal malformation:  Expectations and Limitations
10:30 The first trimester fetal brain: Essentials and Non essentials


Fetal Acrania - Exencephaly -Anencephaly sequence:
Failure to make a diagnosis is not defensible in the current era: T/F

11:10 // BREAK

11:30 Fetal Brain Malformation overview 11-14 Weeks
12:15 A two step simplified approached to examination of the fetal heart at 11-14 week
12:30 Fetal cardiac malformation 11-14 weeks - What is and what is not possible?
13:15 // LUNCH

14:15 Screening for open spina bifida at 11-14 weeks: What measurements should I take routinely?
14:45 Malformation of the fetal genitourinary System 11-14 weeks
15:30 // BREAK
16:00 Doppler assessment of the Uterine Arteries - How we do it
16:15 First trimester screening for 3rd trimester complications: How we do it
16:45 Routine examination of the cervix at 11-14 weeks- Why, when, and how ?
17:15 Diagnosis and management of benign adnexal pathology at 11-14 weeks
17:45 // CLOSE



Live scanning 11-14 weeks 


Malformation of the gastrointestinal system

10:15 // BREAK

Fetal Skeletal System malformation diagnosis - why so much easier at 11- 14 weeks?


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