Please note the program is provisional and changes may occur prior to the commencement of the event

08:30 Introduction
08:40 Screening for fetal malformation in 2019 – what progress have we made and where to next?
09:00 Systematic evaluation of the fetal anatomy 10-14 weeks gestation: how we do it
09:45 Screening for open spina bifida at 11-14 weeks: is it a task with too many challenges?
10:15 Acrania and Cephaloceles: tips, tricks and traps
10:35 Holoprosecephaly 11-14 weeks gestation- lobar versus semilobar
11:00 Test cases and Questions
11:15 Break
11:35 Screening for aneuploidy in daily practice: what every clinician needs to know.
12:05 Screening for fetal malformation pre NIPT (7-10 weeks gestation)
12:35 Non Invasive screening for single gene disorders, duplications and deletions
12:50 Prenatal Exom sequencing in a nutshell
13:05 Test cases and Questions
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Malformation of the fetal face 11-14 weeks : what measurements should I take routinely?
15:10 Screening for fetal skeletal anomalies 11-14 weeks- a practical guide
16:00 The brave new world: Test cases in NIPT -Fetal malformation- carrier screening and exom surprises
16:30 Prenatal genetic counselling in a brave new world – challenges ahead
17:00 Close of day one


09:00 A practical guide on how to examine the normal fetal heart 6-14 weeks
09:30 Screening for fetal cardiac malformation 11-14 weeks: facts and figures 
09:50 Screening for minor cardiac malformation: benefits and limitations
10:20 A practical guide to diagnosis of fetal cardiac malformation 11-14 weeks
11:00 Question and Answers + Case Studies
11:30 Break
12:00 Screening for Pre-Eclampsia : Present and Future
12:30 Screening for adverse pregnancy outcomes in daily practice: what every clinician needs to know.
13:00 Questions and discussion
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Fetal Gastrointestinal malformation at 11-14 weeks. Tips Tricks and Traps
15:00 Fetal genitourinary tract malformation 11-14 weeks gestation
15:30 Break
16:00 Ultrasound assessment of multiple pregnancy 5-14 weeks. What every clinician needs to know
16:30 Test Cases and Questions
17:00 Close of day two



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